Head of the British Division

Dr. Nermine Hossam

Dear Parent,

We are honoured to welcome you to our new school year 2017-2018.

This is a special word of welcome to all of our new families who will be joining us this year. We look forward to forging strong and lasting relationships with you as together we support your children on their life- educational journey at GHIS.

To our existing families, we look forward to welcoming you back to a new exciting school year filled with happiness and success.

 We realize that teaching your child is a tremendous responsibility and we are always doing our best to ensure that each pupil has a safe and motivating learning experience in this upcoming year.

 This year will be a year of engaging, meaningful and rigorous work in our classrooms, combined with special events, extracurricular clubs and activities.

Our highly qualified staff members are always keen to provide our pupils with every possible chance of learning  , where they can explore concepts ,ideas and issues that have local and global significance and express their opinion honestly , confidently and creatively.

 We encourage you to contact us if/when the need arises, and to follow up your child’s studies, assignments, assessments, and school activities, as well as other events and happenings.

Together, we will continue to improve the quality of our school community and provide the best for our pupils.

Education is a partnership between the school, pupils, parents and community.

All pupils are more successful when we work as a team to achieve academic and behavioural goals.


Thank you 

Dr.Nermine Hossam

Head of Primary and Secondary 1

British Division 

Green Heights International School